About me

Stephanie Mintz

My counseling office is located in Playa Vista, CA. I graduated from Emory University with a Bachelors of Arts and from Antioch University with a Masters in Clinical Psychology. I understand the difficult economic times we are going through and therefore have a sliding scale to help accommodate your financial needs. If you believe you or your child needs therapy it is very important that help is received so please call me. We can look at the sliding scale and your needs and find something that will work for both of us. My training was at the Southern California Counseling Center where I successfully worked with young adults, adults, and seniors who experienced a variety of issues including work stress, dating life and relationships, depression and anxiety. I have worked at the Miracle Mile Community Practice with adults which included working with court mandated cases, domestic violence cases, and mood and anxiety cases. I also worked at Fairfax High School and in a private school setting as a school counselor with a wide range of teen issues including abuse. I am currently working with young adults, adults, seniors, couples, families and teenagers with a wide array of issues and disorders including: