The work we do together will be active and problem solving. We will determine what the problem is and how to get you to a better place. The therapy is engaging while we create a partnership to create the life you aspire. Life can be stressful, confusing and disappointing. Having someone with whom you can share your feelings and innermost thoughts can help you through those difficult times. I believe everyone needs the opportunity to have a safe place to fall and someone to help them put the pieces back together.
I do not believe that we have to delve into your whole history and childhood and unearth every pain in order for you to reach your goals. Everyone has had pain and sometimes they are able to move forward from the pain on their own. Therefore, if your past holds pains, yet those pains are not affecting you now and are not part of the issues blocking you from attaining your goals, then I don’t believe it is necessary to uncover them at that time. If it is discovered those pains are actually a part of an underlying reason you haven’t attained your goals, then we will work on achieving the understanding you need from them to help you. Just know that sometimes you may not see the connection, but that I am only delving in to those pains because I believe it will ultimately help you achieve your set goals.

In summary, the therapy I offer focuses on the present and the future. We will go into the past only as it pertains to helping you in the present and therefore creating the future you desire. I won’t have you live in the past for weeks or months but will jump back and forth from past to present and future.


We will go into the past only as it pertains to helping you in the present


When you make the decision to reach out for help and make the call or email, you are doing so because something in your life motivated you to help make changes and reach your goals you haven’t achieved yet.

I want to first know what your goals are that you want to achieve so you consider this therapy to be a success in the future and then what the triggering factor was that motivated you to reach out. The work we do together will be on track for reaching those goals.

My belief is the environment in which you grow up greatly effects who you are and the life you will lead. Some of it is wonderful and you will want to keep utilizing what you learned and absorbed while other parts may be a factor in some of the issues you are facing. By looking at the influences in your past and present, we can then look at the choices you have made and together we can come to understand what changes are desired.

Those steps are the basics for knowing where you want your life to go and understanding why it hasn’t gone there yet. But that is only the first part of the therapy I offer.  As great as it is to understand your current life, that doesn’t help when you walk out of the therapy office and walk back into the life you have been living that you want to be different. This is where my Results Based Strategic Therapy™ comes into play.

In summary, as this knowledge of the desired changes comes forward, I then use my more active and directive approach. I am going to work with you to offer strategies and techniques to help you actively work on changing those areas in your life to help you achieve your goals. This is only the first part of our therapeutic journey.